Help Me Audition for NBC’s The Voice!

This blog has moved to, so this will be my last post here. I welcome you to subscribe there.

I have started a funding campaign through Indiegogo to get me to St. Louis in time for the July 21 auditions. I’ve been dreaming of the for years, and scheming, and rehearsing, but I lack one thing…MONEY. Please view my Youtube video and then visit my Indiegogo page to help out. Crowdsourcing means lots of people giving just a little bit, and getting premiums in exchange. There’s photography and genealogy research up for grabs!

I don’t normally ask people for money, but I recently learned that any video I could submit to NBC for The Voice would not be considered an audition, but rather an added extra. The ONLY way to audition is to go to one of their cattle call auditions, and they never happen in Indianapolis. Because of my disability, I am not rich. Because I am not rich, I cannot audition without help. I hope you’ll join my cause!!

And, by the way, if I don’t raise enough money to make my quota by my deadline, I will return every penny given.


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